[DRBD-user] Significant performance improvement!

justin.kinney at academy.com justin.kinney at academy.com
Tue Jun 24 18:06:27 CEST 2008

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> I've deployed DRBD on HP DL360's and DL380's. I've used internal 
> meta w/o any noticeable loss of performance. The typical setup is 
> usually (4) 72GB 15K SFF SAS drives in a RAID-10 or RAID-5 for DRBD.
> Array -> LVM -> DRBD -> file system. In all cases, there is at least

I'm setting up a very similar system here, using DL360s.  But, I'm using 
MSA-30's instead of local disks.

> 256MB of cache on the controller and the BBWC is installed and 
> write-cache enabled. Drive-level cache is disabled of course. 

By write-cache enabled, do you mean enabled through the controller 
configuration?  or in DRBD?

Same question for drive-level cache.  Is that at the controller or kernel?

> Sequential write throughput is better than 150MBps native so the 
> bottleneck becomes the 1Gbps xover link between the boxes -- which 
> is fine for these environments.

I'm seeing 100MB/s during complete syncs over bonded gig-e links, so I'm 
hoping for a little better performance.


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