[DRBD-user] One big drbd or several smaller ones ?

Lee Christie Lee at titaninternet.co.uk
Fri Jun 20 10:12:33 CEST 2008

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Hi Brian, thanks for the input

> + you can move each resource's primary independently between the two
> servers. This gives you the possibility of "live-live" 
> operation, i.e. some
> volumes served from one side, and some from the other, and to 
> migrate them.

This is true but since writes are only confirmed when written to the
remote node by drbd, there is no performance advantage surely since both
boxes have to write the same amount of data in one operation for that
operation to be declared complete. We're using NFS to export these
volumes, I guess we could in theory have two VIPs and so share the load
but I doubt its necessary...

> Aside: make sure you're happy with your decision to use reiserfs.
> But I don't want to restart the old "reiserfs vs everything
>From the other side: although ext3 is robust......

well this is indeed a thorny issue. On our own NAS boxes we build we
always use XFS since we've shown performance advantages and XFS seems
suited to backup files (ie very large files). I note that a number of
"proprietary" NAS boxes available today (eg Adaptec Snap servers) also
use XFS...

The plan was to use XFS until
a) one of the backup solutions we looked at only supported ext3/reiser
b) I read somewhere that XFS is not suited to lots of small files and
reiser is

we're using this storage for maildir boxes so lots of small files. Since
pobox.com knows something about email ;) I'd appreciate a heads up.
Since you said "your employer suffered data loss" - would that be
pobox.com and what do you use now instead ?




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