[DRBD-user] Need hardware advise

TOTWARE jaf at totware.com
Thu Jun 19 17:35:31 CEST 2008

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Dear DRBD users

I've tested drbd to check its capabilities and we found it a very good
product. We are planning to install on production servers.  Our idea
is to develop a solution for our customers using UBUNTU 8.04 LTS +
SOFT RAID5 + DRBD in primary server and UBUNTU 8.04 LTS + SOFT
RAID1+DRBD in secondary to do hot backups of virtual machines (servers
are running 24h/7d, virtualized windows with sql-server and oracle

In our test DRBD worked like a charm  because we could do hot backups
and off-site backups following these easy steps:
1) Check 100% DRBD synchronization between primary/secondary
2) Force a disconnect from secondary.
3) Force a soft "fake disk failure" for one of the disks of secondary's RAID1
4) Reconnect DRBD between primary and secondary
5) mount "marked as failed disk" and make all the copies you want (on
tape, to other disk, usb, nas, etc)
6) Later on, reconnect "fake failed disk" to RAID1 and let RAID1
resynchronize itself.

We need to find good hardware with drbd version to afford this
solutions without performance problems.

Jose A. Ferrer

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