[DRBD-user] Protocol B to improve mysql write performance.

Deepak.Mantri at shinsei-it.com Deepak.Mantri at shinsei-it.com
Tue Jun 17 08:48:51 CEST 2008

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Hi guys,

We are using a heartbeat(2.1.2)+drbd(8.0.11) cluster for Mysql
This is installed on a Dell PE2950 with external storage(MD3000).The
Size is 300Gb at present and may scale to 2TB.The failover is happening
However when we go for a abrupt shutdown of DB and the resources swing
Seconady the time db takes to come up is close to 15min.Initially db
guys suggested 
For some performance tuning changes.Things did not work out.Now we are
being suggested that 
We use protcol B so as to increase the performance and this will in turn
reduce the time for 
Db to come up on secondary.Will changing from protocol c to b help us in

Thanks in advance.



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