[DRBD-user] before-resync-target handler returned 3

P.Pijnacker pij at huygenscollege.nl
Tue Jun 10 13:35:01 CEST 2008

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After a succeeded experiment with  Xen live migration, with drbd in dual
primary mode, one node switched to WFConnection mode, the other in
Standalone mode and I cannot fix it.

In dmessg and /var/log/messages I see no 'split brain'.

II did all the steps to to setup drbd again, but no effect.

In /var/log/messages there is a line:  

before-resync-target handler returned 3,  dropping connection.

In the dbd-user archives or with Google I cannot find this message.

What does it mean?

How to restart the connection?


Piet Pijnacker

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