[DRBD-user] DRBD Performance

nathan at robotics.net nathan at robotics.net
Thu Jul 31 02:57:29 CEST 2008

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What is the max performance anyone has seen with DRBD? With the default 
config I am seeing 80 MB/s write and 159 MB/s read. I googled around and 
found Florian's blog and set al-extents 3833, max-buffers 8192, 
unplug-watermark 128 and was able to get that up to 118 MB/s write and 180 
MB/s read.

At first glance that is not bad, but I have a decent two system cluster 
with 16 disk 3ware 3650SE-16ML. Now I am not trying for the 800 MB/s reads 
or 750 MB/s writes that 3ware talks about, but I should be able to do much 
better then this.

Also note that the IPoIB gives me about 30% lower latency then point to 
point GIG.

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