[DRBD-user] Graceful recovery from out of memory errors

Ryan Steele ryans at aweber.com
Mon Jul 21 14:46:42 CEST 2008

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Hey folks,

Awhile back (about a year or two), I was using drbd0.7 with good 
success, but have since moved jobs and had no projects which dictated a 
need for DRBD.  However, I now have such a need, and need some 
clarification on a question which my Google-fu failed to yield an answer 
for.  How does DRBD handle recovery from the scenario where the master 
node runs out of memory, making the kernel unable to allocate memory for 
sending packets across the wire?  Will it pick itself up and march 
happily along again once memory becomes available for allocation?  Or 
will it cause issues such as lockup and split-brain scenarios?


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