[DRBD-user] backing up - which is best solution to provide 99.99% uptime?

Igor Neves igor at 3gnt.net
Thu Jul 17 13:54:46 CEST 2008

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nathan at robotics.net wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jul 2008, Bob Goldberg wrote:
>> SO - here's what I really want: 2 server's fully redundant with each 
>> other -
>> running several vmware virtual servers. If 1 system fails, the other 
>> system
>> seemlessly provides access to the virtual servers,  without any 
>> interruption
>> of service to the network. I would prefer a solution which only 
>> requires 2
>> physical servers.
> Ok, can be done.
>> Here's my current solution: drbd with HA (high availability)
>> What I'm finding, is that HA is not an "instant" availability 
>> solution. So
>> now I'm wondering if I need some other clustering solution.
>> Anyone have suggestions on what's the best solution, and which 
>> applications
>> provide same?
> I can't tell you if it is the best solution or not, but I have the 
> above working. I am running gfs2 ontop of lvm2-cluster on drbd in 
> primary / primary mode, HA is done with cman and IPMI fencing.
> P.S. I am using 10 gig infiniband for DRBD to keep all that traffic 
> off the ethernet interfaces. If you look on ebay you can buy it for 
> next to nothing, I paid about $45 for the 10 gig cards, $35 for cables 
> and $400 for a switch.

You have dual nic infiniband? Or single nic?

My question it's because of the backup, i usually do bonding of two 
ethernet NIC's, so i can use the advantage of bonding to survive to NIC 
failures, my question about infiniband it's, if i buy dual nics 
infiniband, it's possible to do the same?

Or even better, the own infiniband support this failure in hardware?

Sorry for the questions, but i never worked out with infiniband.


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