[DRBD-user] Greater then 4TB

nathan at robotics.net nathan at robotics.net
Mon Jul 14 19:37:08 CEST 2008

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Does DRBD work with more then 4TB yet? I have tried to reach linbit, but 
so far no email response so I tried their online tool. I am running DRBD 
8.2.6 with CLVM/GFS2 on DRBD. The first system works fine, but the 2nd 
system crashes when trying to do sync.... It starts off fine, but then 
crashes now everytime I restart the system it crashes.

I would hope that if this is the 4TB limit that the dev guys change the 
crash to a nice limit message! :)

Disk /dev/sdb: 10499.8 GB, 10499842375680 bytes

If this is 4TB limit, how do I buy it so I can fix this problem ASAP? I am 
onsite in a cold data center and would like to go home. Also does anyone 
know how much this costs??? I am a bit scared that it costs so much that I 
will be forced to scrap this project and go back to Gluster.

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