[DRBD-user] Problems in unmounting drbddisk

Joachim Banzhaf joachimbanzhaf at compuserve.de
Tue Jul 1 15:34:43 CEST 2008

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Hi Predatorz,

Am Dienstag, 1. Juli 2008 06:25:01 schrieb Predatorz:
> Hi,
> When i rebooted my machine, heartbeat will have problems to unmount the
> drbd device below are parts of the logs.

> Filesystem[11342]:      2008/07/01_12:22:38 ERROR: Couldn't unmount
> /replicated; trying cleanup with SIGTERM
> Filesystem[11342]:      2008/07/01_12:22:38 INFO: No processes on
> /replicated were signalled

This means unmount failed because someone that can not be determined by fuser 
is still using the device.
Usually this is a kernel service. E.g. a running nfs server or something like 
You have to stop this service before heartbeat to get rid of those messages.



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