[DRBD-user] Odd observation when sync'ing

Lee Christie Lee at titaninternet.co.uk
Thu Jul 3 21:10:43 CEST 2008

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Found out what was wrong, or at least we've identified the problem, but
not yet fixed it.

One of the storage servers has a habit of booting up and delivering just
over half the I/O performance it should. We rebooted both boxes 10 times
and ran the same command on each :

"dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/VolGroup0/LogVol0 bs=1G count=10 oflag=direct"

One of the boxes delivered 340MB/s each time. The other had 5 instances
of 340MB/s and 5 instances of 185MB/s.

Very odd indeed but it explains things. We tested drbd sync performance
on occasions when the box delivers 340MB/s and found it to be as before.

So - we'll fix that and then probably add the second CPUs to reduce CPU

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Well yes clearly 300MB/s is the maximum writes, however my point was
that two of the drbd resources were sync'ing very slowly compared to the
others. When we looked at top, we noticed these two down the bottom of
the receiver processes. Using renice I bumped them up and they

So we suspected CPU contention in as much that the writes weren't evenly

Now they are spread evenly, even using a single CPU, but we've somehow
lost a whole load of performance.

On the first run I also found (using sar) that both system and iowait
were quite high (>40%) and the system load on the box doing the writes
was over 6 ! it was a box under high IO make no mistake.

However now on a resync the %system is 15%, there is no iowait and the
load is 0.5.

So definitely, something in the first scenario made the storage
subsystem go as fast and hard as it could, and now its not. Baffling.

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> Lee Christie wrote:
> > Whats even odder is that looking at top we suspected CPU
> contention (the
> > boxes have a single CPU each)
> CPU contention? You got a cumulative syncer rate of over 300 MB/s, and

> your disk stats confirmed this. Since I doubt your storage is capable 
> of pulling more than 300 MB/s streaming writes, it seems like you 
> simply saturated your storage bandwidth, doesn't it?
> Florian
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