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Singh Raina, Ajeet ajeet.singh.raina at logica.com
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Thanks for the reference.Let me tell you what I want exactly.

I am working in a project which has  a management Station running on
RHEL 4.0.This Management Station is a "unified Deployment Framework"
which has Veritas Opforce(Hope you know about that ).

VERITAS OpForce(tm) allows you to access, control, and provision servers
at any location securely through an encrypted connection. In addition to
server deployments, system administrators can assign IP addresses, track
software licenses, automatically discover and track server assets,
generate reports, update software applications with patches or service
packs and remotely run scripts.


Now the Project main aim is After Management Station is installed with
opforce,if any node is allowed to boot,it will boot  thru PXE Boot
rather than booting from DHCP as a result, it will boot from Management
station and a required nodes will be ready automatically come up with
required packages installed automatically. No need to install the other
systems manually This Architecture will automatically install all the
packages being controlled through Management Station.


Now We are in attempt to Setup Cluster. Cluster controlled through
Opforce. So Say I have two nodes Node-1 and Node-2 and a Management
Station(with Opforce).


Now I don't have Shared Storage(We ordered for MS1500 but it will come
after few months).What I want to try is Alternative so that I can setu

I have a RHEL 4.0 Machine with 40GB.Will that do?

How many machines do we need?I went through your advised doc and it says
"primary-primary" Stuff.Do I need two RHEL Servers.???



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To the original poster - it sounds like you're essentially looking for a
cheap, home-brewed SAN solution. A while back I put together a quick
how-to on creating a redundant SAN solution using DRBD, iSCSI, and
OCFS2. You can view it here:


Hope that helps.


Joe Koenig


Creative Anvil, Inc.

Phone: 314.692.0338

1346 Baur Blvd.

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joe at creativeanvil.com


Mark Watts wrote: 

On Wednesday 02 July 2008 14:26:03 Singh Raina, Ajeet wrote:

	Well I know this forum is related to DRBD but As I know My firm
wont let
	me purchase GFS I need another alternative.
	I posted the same question in fedoraforum and one of the expert
	me such:
	You could install the iscsi-target, and export some of the space
	iscsi... that would work for the shared storage requirement.
	Of course, it would be best to buy a real iscsi array.
	Can You please help me out setting the Shared Storage in the
	case.just need your advise.

Using iSCSI as your shared storage would still require a clustered
to allow concurrent access to files from more than one node. (In theory
could export /dev/drbd0 as an iSCSI device, but that doesn't get away
iSCSI simply being a network block-device, not a filesystem).
If you simply want to have a filesystem mirrored to another system for
use in 
an Primary/Secondary scenario (typically using Heartbeat to provide 
fail-over) then there is no need to use a clustered filesystem, since
one node will be directly accessing the block-device at a time.
EXT3 will work just fine for this.


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