[DRBD-user] primary/primary with ext2 not updating real-time

Theophanis Kontogiannis theophanis_kontogiannis at yahoo.gr
Wed Feb 27 23:39:02 CET 2008

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Absolutely understood

Thank you all for your valuable time and assistance.

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> I am a bit confused since I believed that GFS itself, groups together in a
> single large file system, physical disk space, spread in the network.
> But it really does this or not (in which case we need DRBD)?
GFS requires an underlying block device that is accessable to all
nodes.  You can do this via GNBD (which does something similar to
DRBD, but in a different way), but you still need SOMETHING to do that.

The way to look at it is as a layered arrangement.  To have a shared
filesystem you need a shared block device and a shared filesystem:

Shared Block Devices:
   Dual attached SCSI

Shared Filesystem:


There are probably more options for both, but the important thing to
remember is that you need BOTH to get a truely shared filesystem.


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