[DRBD-user] Best way to use LVM with drbd

Harald Rinker harald.rinker at unitedprint.com
Thu Feb 14 15:46:52 CET 2008

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drbd at bobich.net schrieb:
>>> What is the best solution to use LVM with drbd
>>> i think there are 2 possible way?s to do so
>>> 1. drbd on top of lvm
>>> 2. lvm on top of drbd
>>> what is the preferred?
> Logically, I'd have thought that LVM should be on top of DRBD. What 
> scenario do you have in mind that would benefit from running it the 
> other way around?
> Gordan
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Maybe you will add  pv´s  to grow  disk size  etc. it will be a 
solution. The question is is this stable because i have
runing such a config.  Must i change this or it is ok.


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