[DRBD-user] which version

Rodrigo Campos rodrigocc at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 02:42:47 CET 2008

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On Feb 13, 2008 2:45 PM, Ben <bench at silentmedia.com> wrote:
> v8 has more features than v0.7, and v8.2 even more still.... but
> judging from the bug fixes being put out, v0.7 is the most solid of
> the 3 branches.

But take into account that 0.7 is not going to be manteined any more.
8.0, if i am not bad, its 'stable' and would not recieve more
features. 8.2 would recieve more features
0.7 is ancient, i would not use it.

I would use 8.0 since its the 'stable' not ancient and the chance that
new features break some things does not exist (since there are no new
features. And if you are not intrested in new features... why 8.2 ? :)

But see the changelog of 8.0. The lasts releases dont look the more
stable a release could be. So i would use 8.0.8 if i dont find any
problem with that release (test it well), and if some new interesting
release comes out, i would consider upgrade. But i dont know, this is
my opinion :)

Hope it helps,

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