[DRBD-user] quick question on shuting down one node

alex at crackpot.org alex at crackpot.org
Wed Feb 6 17:21:08 CET 2008

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Quoting Martin Gombac <martin at isg.si>:

>> but, again:
>> all of this is not strictly necessary.
>> it just feels "less right" to put a node without good local data
>> into Primary role.  (it also has a performance penalty: reads have to be
>> served over the network, too).
> As i fought then, i can make SyncTarget Primary as long as cluster is
> connected until the sync finishes. :-)
> Cool. :-)

You can.  But the one time I had this situation happen (SyncTarget is  
primary), the primary was unable to keep up with the requests from  

Load average climbed into the 900+ range, just before the server  
completely froze and had to be rebooted.  Not a good situation.  I  
still say it's a bad idea to let a SyncTarget be primary, even if it  
is technically possible.  (I'm not claiming to be an expert, just  
speaking from one bad experience.)


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