[DRBD-user] drbd question

Jonathan Fine fine at astro.psu.edu
Mon Feb 4 16:17:50 CET 2008

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Hi, possible new drbd user here.  I have a few questions that I am  
hoping can be answered.  I am thinking of using drbd to create a  
"mirror" of a home directory server(single node with attached fiber  
channel sata raid, raid is partitioned into 7 luns, all exported using  
NFS).  We are getting in a new node and raid unit, which will be come  
the primary once it is setup.

First question:  Since I have 7 luns (each lun is a partition for each  
user group in our dept), does that mean I would have to setup 7 drbd  
devices/resources in the drbd conf?

Second question I have is, can I do the following:
-Setup new hardware, with drbd, copy home directory data over by hand  
(using something like rsync)
-Switch clients to new hardware (since it is faster and newer)
-Reformat and redo the old hardware so that it becomes the secondary
-Bring secondary server online and have everything sync primary- 
 >secondary, while the primary is still being used by clients?

Third question:  If the above steps are not possible, or drbd may not  
fit the bill for what I want to do, does anyone have any better  
suggestions or tips?



p.s. Sorry if the questions are a bit newbish....this would be the  
first time I've attempted redundancy for a service like this. 

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