[DRBD-user] Re: system freezes with drbd 0.7.21 on kernel 2.6.18

Joachim Rieger joachim.rieger at agimatec.de
Fri Feb 1 11:53:08 CET 2008

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Hello Hans-Joachim,

thank you for your answer, but now I try to put a LVM over drbd and make
a lv for each domU
and I just leave the file-based VBD solution. Hope this will work.


> Hi,
>> meanwhile I upgraded the kernel and drbd to 8.2.4 but the problem still
>> exists.
>> I read your docu on pro-linux and read that you also had problems with
>> Xen VBDs (_file:_ xyz.img),
>> so I think about if I should make LVM over drbd and create a lv for each
>> domU or if I should try to bring the tap:aio functionality into Xen and
>> the kernel, but you did not have good experience with this tap:aio, did
>> you ?
> right, it was desastrous. Maybe newer Xen does better, but I didn't
> follow the Xen development.
>> Can you recommed KVM, is there a docu how you switched from Xen to KVM ?
> I certainly have do do more tests, but currently it runs reliably.
> It performs a ittle slower as Xen, at least on file operations.
> The documentation is in preparation. Basically I created a new VM
> on KVM, booted a rescue disk and rsync'ed the contents of the old VM into
> the new one. With my largest VM with 300 GB this took a while.
> You must not use the default network driver (ne2000) in KVM which
> is broken.
> Regards,
> hjb

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