[DRBD-user] Use secondary for read I/O too ?

Robert reg at elconas.de
Mon Aug 25 16:12:42 CEST 2008

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I was thinking about read optimization a bit more. Especially for 
database loads two things are important for performance (besides scema 
optimization :) ) secure async writes (=HW RAID + BBU) and short access 
times for reads (SSD or many fast disks). Simply speaking a DRBD device 
is something like a raid1 over the network where reads are done from one 
side ONLY. If reads would be done on both sided - it would in theory be 
possible to double the read rate. This would also warm up the buffer 
cache on the standby side.

A configurable parameter to enable reads on both nodes would be nice to 

Is this planned in future drbd releases ? (I've seen that hot cache is 
on the roadmap)


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