[DRBD-user] add resource while drbd is running

Matthias Wuerfl matthias at wuerfl.com
Mon Aug 25 13:53:50 CEST 2008

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Matthias Würfl (that's me) schrieb:

> I've set up DRBD on Etch (Version: 0.7.21-4+028stab053.5) and it works 
> fine. However, when i want to add a resource i need to restart DRBD. 
> Trying to add a resource while DRBD is running makes it complain about a 
> missing "/dev/drbd3".

As there seems to be no solution to this problem: Does an upgrade to 0.8 

Which version do you recommend on Etch? There's 8.0.12 on Backports, but 
states "make sure you get DRBD 8.2.3 or later; there were some bugs in 
pre-8.2.3 versions that ran a slight chance of messing up 0.7 metadata 

Are these Bugs fixed in the 8.0 branch? Releasenotes for 8.0.7 already 
say "Fixed drbdmeta's conversion of 07 style meta data". Is this the 
same change as the "completely new drbdmeta - finally dealing with all 
drbd-0.7 to drbd-8.x conversion cases correctly." mentioned in the 8.2.3 
realease notes?

Grüße, Matthias

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