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Casey Allen Shobe cshobe at bepress.com
Thu Aug 21 21:24:51 CEST 2008

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On Aug 19, 2008, at 5:44 AM, Jerry Amundson wrote:
> OK, that's your opinion. Out-dated, and sort of cute, but nonetheless
> your opinion.

It's not out-dated at all.  What's out-dated is the idea that mailing  
lists should have Reply-To headers.  You'd find that if the list did  
have a Reply-To header, you'd see far more outcries to remove it.

> For the author to state, 'saying "All responses should go directly to
> the list anyway." is arrogant', is complete rubbish. In 99% of cases,
> replies *do* go to the list, so why penalize the rest of us?

If you use a proper mail client then all the list messages contain the  
headers necessary for you to easily decide whether you'd like to reply  
to list or sender.  There's no forcing.  What is forceful is Reply-To,  
which overrides anything else.  I don't use gmail, but I'd be  
surprised if they didn't have proper implementation of this  
functionality.  Other less-advanced webmail products (i.e.  
squirrelmail with appropriate plugin) do this just fine.

Then again Google likes to do a lot of things their own custom ways  
("gee, wouldn't it be cute if we called folders 'labels' just to  
confuse the hell out of people so much that they rely on search?") so  
who knows.

Google supports IMAP.  I suggest using it along with a real mail  
client for an all-around better mail reading experience without  
sluggish page load delays, weird functionality implementations, etc.

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