[DRBD-user] Two primaries with LVM2

TOTWARE jaf at totware.com
Mon Aug 18 10:10:42 CEST 2008

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Hello everybody,

I've configured a DRBD  resourde (8.2.6 on ubuntu 8.04 lts)  as a
Physical Volume for LVM2. DRBD is configured with "allow two
primaries" starting the 2nd node as "secondary".  Everything works
like a charm.

I want to make on-line, hot backups of running virtual machines (vmware).
I wonder if I could do the following with any consistency weakness:

1st) Do a LVM snapshot on 1st node of one of its LV (where the running VM live)
2nd) Promote the 2nd node to be PRIMARY
3rd) Activate LV snapshot on 2nd node with "lvchange"
4th) Mount the snapshot and perform off-site backups to tape or other disks.
5th) Set the things back to 1st node =primary and 2nd node=secondary.



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