[DRBD-user] Setting an "outdated" disk back to "UpToDate" ?

Robert reg at elconas.de
Fri Aug 15 17:27:02 CEST 2008

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Ok, found a way:

debnode2:~# drbdadm down db
debnode2:~# drbdadm -- :::::1:::: set-gi db
set GI to  

Write new GI to disk?
[need to type 'yes' to confirm] yes

debnode2:~# drbdadm up db
debnode2:~# /usr/lib/heartbeat/ResourceManager takegroup drbddisk

Why not add a simple "drbdadm uptodate" to drbdadm to issue the 
corresponding commands ?

This would simplify the commands.


Robert schrieb:
> How can I easily set a outdated disk back to UpToDate ?
> Lets assume the situation where your primary data center burns down. 
> First the network switch for the replication link burns and then the 
> server itself. So first the standby disk is outdated by dopd. 2 
> minutes later the primary server dies and heartbeat ties to activate 
> ressources - as intended(!). How your boss comes and says - primary 
> data center burned down ? what the heck, we have a cluster start all 
> engines in the other data center. Your data (some minutes old but 
> outdated) in the second data center is ALL you have, so you have to 
> remove the outdated flag so start the ressource.
> How can someone remove the outdated flag ? drbdmeta ?
> Robert

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