[DRBD-user] SAN, drbd, ha, shared disks, ataoe, iscsi, gnbd

Alex linux at vfemail.net
Tue Aug 12 17:40:12 CEST 2008

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> > yes, thats why i want to use drbd, to replace raid1 limitations and group
> > computerX two by two. In this scenario, remain just one question: how can
> > i join together /dev/drbd*, or....if this thing is not possible, the
> > question is: how can i join together all 8 volX in order to have:
> > - Fault-tolerance: Failure of a single drive (volX) or server (computerX)
> > should not bring down the GFS!
> This isn't the limit of GFS. You can't use DRBD with iSCSI or GNBD
> because  DRBD support only two nodes and You have eight.

Yes i have 8 nodes but only 4 /dev/drbdX devices, where X={1,2,3,4} are 
mirroring each two nodes...

> GFS need shared storage(SAN) - one raw device which could be visible on
> the few nodes.

Using iscsi i can export /dev/drbdX which will be visible by all M servers as 
raw devices as you say. With lvm i can unify all /dev/drbdX in a logical 
volume and run GFS on top. Why will not work? Is a drbd limitation?


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