[DRBD-user] No resync after network downtime

Henri Cook drbd at theplayboymansion.net
Tue Aug 12 10:06:17 CEST 2008

Note: "permalinks" may not be as permanent as we would like,
direct links of old sources may well be a few messages off.

My expected behaviour would be they connect to each other and employ the 
'discard-younger-primary' behaviour that i *think* i configured. I don't 
understand why they're both online but as you say producing 'dropping 
connection' messages - very strange...


Robert Heinzmann (ml) wrote:
> Take a look at the DRBD log / syslog. You should see "dropping 
> connection" messages as response to a split brain situation - which 
> will happen if you plug the replication network cable in 
> active/active. I'm actually unsure how to solve this - maybe dopd and 
> redundant network links are an option.
>>    net {
>>    allow-two-primaries;
>>    }

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