[DRBD-user] DRBD + Heartbeat + 1 eth + 1 serial

Matteo Campana matteo.campana at klarya.it
Fri Sep 28 16:34:56 CEST 2007

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Thanos Chatziathanassiou ha scritto:
> Matteo Campana wrote:
>>     * I disconnect primary node from the ethernet
>>>>     * secondary ----> primary  (ok)
>>> If you only disconnected the ethernet interface and this happened, 
>>> apparently your serial heartbeat is not working.
>>> Because if it was, heartbeat would understand that this is a 
>>> communications channel failure, not node failure so it should not 
>>> migrate resources
>> Mhh.....but in my configuration I use "ipfail" because I want the 
>> ethernet interface up for my system, so I think that the heartbeat 
>> behavior is correct...or no??
> still, if both servers were ``Primary/Unknown'' at the time, that would 
> mean that the serial heartbeat did not get through.
> I think (though I'm definitely not certain) that if your setup were 
> correct, you'd have Primary/Unknown and Secondary/Unknown after pulling 
> the ethernet cable. i.e. heartbeat would know which is the ``good'' node 
> and migrate services to that one, but drbd wouldn't have a way to mirror 
> the data. 

Yes, this is exactly my scenario.
Heartbeat migrate services and my system works fine, the problem is only 
the "drbd connection" between the two nodes once the "primary down" 
returns up.

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