AW: [DRBD-user] Choosing right combination of md-raid, LVM and DRBD

Rustedt, Florian florian.rustedt at
Fri Sep 28 10:43:20 CEST 2007

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i better explain the target-scenario:
We want to setup a failover-capable monitoring-server, because this is our
most essential system in our backbone and MUST run at nights and weekends.

However, we can't buy a big server-hardware in the moment for this, so we
decided to give drbd/heartbeat/two Pc-systems a try.

Both are fast and have enough memory, both have sata and two 500G-Disks

Because it is a system, that can be offline while we are on work for about 1
hour, i don't think we will really need LVM, i am sure to be able to
re-setup partitions in this time. Another point is, that this system doesn't
need that much of disk-space, i will only use about 1/3, so i have 2/3 of
free space for future partitioning.

For speedup i thought about making the root and data-partitions on md-raid
0, because the DRBD will do the mirroring, if one disk fails...? IS that a
bad idea?

Perhaps it doesn't make sense, because the overlaying drbd via GB-interfaces
is so slow, that the raid 0-speedup is never used and i can take raid 1
without any impact on speed?

And basically, is it better to make the raid 1 via LVM instead of md-raid to
reduce the overhead? THAN i would use only LVM without md-raid...?

Kind regards, Florian
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