[DRBD-user] HW RAID5 changed size -> drbr DiskLess

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Wed Sep 26 11:49:05 CEST 2007

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On Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 04:16:30PM +0800, Petr Cervenka wrote:
> Hi there,
> we are using DRBD on HW raid (sdb) on raw device no partition, after we
> did hotplug increase of disk from 220 to 400, the kernel could not
> reload the device , i tried fdisk reload etc..nothing. So I had to
> reboot, after reboot i can the disk has new size but DRBD failed to
> startup,
> rbd: initialised. Version: 8.0.6 (api:86/proto:86)
> drbd: SVN Revision: 3048 build by root at darla2.per.in.iz, 2007-09-18 22:34:02
> drbd: registered as block device major 147
> drbd: minor_table @ 0xffff8100731dee80
> drbd0: disk( Diskless -> Attaching )
> drbd0: Error while reading metadata, magic not found.
> drbd0: disk( Attaching -> Diskless )
> drbd0: drbd_bm_resize called with capacity == 0
> drbd0: worker terminated
> drbd0: conn( StandAlone -> Unconnected )
> drbd0: receiver (re)started
> drbd0: conn( Unconnected -> WFConnection )

I guess you used internal meta data.
if the RAID got it right, then all the old data is still there,
lying at "the end" of the previous device, so somewhere at 220G.
drbd only looks for its meta data at the end of the device,
so at offset ~400G currently.
there is nothing but nonsense there.

you have to create new drbd meta-data then,
as if you'd set it up for the first time.

> so I tried :
> root at darla1:~ # drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 resize
> Failure: (138) Device does not have a disk-config
> I could not find what that means at all, google just points me to source
> of drbdsetup.c, I also tried set size in config (400G) but did not make
> any changes. From my undestanding extending block device should work
> same like LVM so I dont really know why the metadata have gone? Can you
> please advice what I did wrong, or what can I do to fix this. This is
> only on one machine , 2nd machine is offline. My plan was to increase
> one by one.

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