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Kelsey Cummings kgc at corp.sonic.net
Tue Sep 25 04:32:48 CEST 2007

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On Sun, Sep 23, 2007 at 11:51:56AM -0700, Kelsey Cummings wrote:
> I have an active/active drbd config with a pair of resources on two
> servers and I'm busy figuring out how it all works.  One issue that I've
> come up with as part of it's integration into heartbeat, is that 'drbdisk
> resource start' will promote an Incosistent Secondary to Primary while it
> is a SyncTarget.  While I'm confident that if my hearbeat configuration is
> correct and that I, the operator, don't tell it to do something dumb that
> this wouldn't come up but it seems like a really bad idea to let this
> happen.  What am I missing from the drbd config?  Appologies if this is
> obvious. 

Okay, so it's a feature, neat.  I didn't realize that drbd would handle it
that way; it's a little confusing to see your Syntarget being promoted to
primary and taking writes.

> # drbdadm primary r0
> Child process does not terminate!
> Exiting.
> (What about that error?  running 'drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 primary' works
> fine -- is there a way to  adjust the alarm or is something else up?)

Any ideas about this?  I see other complaints about this on the list.  My
volumes are large-ish, each about 3TB and when they are syncing things get
slow enough for the timeouts to be hit.

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