[DRBD-user] drbd - configuring without secondary in place

Stefan Lesicnik stefan at lsd.co.za
Thu Sep 13 15:09:32 CEST 2007

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I've searched for quite a while and havent been able to find any
solution to a current problem we have.

I am setting up a HA server and want to use drbd. I have tested drbd and
 it seems to work well.

The problem comes in that I need to configure our new server with drbd
and have it become the primary, but the secondary wont be available
until i reinstall it, install drbd and copy the drbd.conf file in.

I didnt want to do that step all on one day, i had it planned like this

Install new server
Configure drbd (point to a dummy secondary server?)
Make drbd the primary
Configure new server
Shut down old server
Promote new server to our main server
Configure old server with drbd as failover for new server

>From what i've seen, i cant seem to promote drbd to primary if it cant
see the secondary. Is this correct?  Any way around this?  Also, it
seems you cant mount /dev/drbd0 if it is not consistant and a drbd primary.

I would be really grateful for some advice around this.

thanks in advance!


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