[DRBD-user] drdb for hundreds of virtual servers with cheap hardware

Graham Wood drbd at spam.dragonhold.org
Tue Oct 16 17:26:29 CEST 2007

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----- Message from adrien at modulis.ca ---------

> I'm using vserver which is closer to freebsd chroot jailed than xen or
> vmware vserver just "chroot" all the process of the vserver. All the  
> virtual servers share the same kernel.
One of the few I've never used... *grin*

> I will have a look at redhat cluster suite, but it seems more complicated to
> setup than heartbeat.
Certainly is, and the extras you get probably aren't worth it for what  
you're doing.  I've got a single cluster running half a dozen services  
- and the better tools for doing manual failover between nodes and  
similar tasks seemed worth it.  It's a minimal gain in the environment  
you're looking at.

> The goal of the pxe boot is to save me a KVM if I screw up a boot process.
> But I can easily do an automated network install on pxe.
You could configure the servers to network boot - and get the pxe boot  
file handed out being a "localboot" as long as everything is OK.  Then  
you can just change it to network boot to reinstall if necessary.   
Have you got a remote control power bar, or are you looking to  
manually power cycle them under these circumstances?

> I have think about this first, but I think it would be much more
> configuration and script making.
Sure - it's not something I'd necessarily recommend - it just occured  
to me in the time I was typing the rest of the reply and it soundsed  
like it could be interesting... As well as splitting the network load  
a lot more fairly.

Consider it more of a thought experiment than a real suggestion.  I  
might even try and set it up myself using a couple of boxes and  
document it - as a stupidly complicated DRBD setup that works (if I  
can get it to)


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