[DRBD-user] Layering drbd8 and LVM2 to minimize split-brain

Rene Mayrhofer rene.mayrhofer at gibraltar.at
Tue Oct 16 12:23:39 CEST 2007

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[Sorry for replying to my own mail and pestering.]

On Sonntag 14 Oktober 2007, Rene Mayrhofer wrote:
> So the real question after all the rambling (which, I hope, is to the
> benefit of readers to discuss some of the variants) is: how smart can drbd8
> be made in terms of automatically resolving split-brain? Will it always go
> split-brain when _any_ blocks are changed on both sides, or only if the
> _same_ blocks are changed? The drbd.conf manual page descriptions of the
> after-sb-* options seems to indicate that automatically resolving
> split-brain is only possible on a volume but not on a block level. Is there
> a way to make it work on block level, or am I missing something terribly
> obvious here?

Lars, could you please clarify if there's any way to make a primary/primary 
setup sync only on block level and thus "merging" resource/volume-level 

best regards,

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