[DRBD-user] Mixed DRBD and SAN disks.

Mathieu PARENT math.parent at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 17:36:34 CEST 2007

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We use currently DRBD8 in active/active mode. Under this, GFS.
The current underlying device is LVM logical volume (with clvm).

Everything is ok (some splitted brain problems to solve, but it is not
the place for this).

node1                         node2
/dev/vg/lv1                   /dev/vg/lv1
/dev/drbd1  <------------->   /dev/drbd1
GFS                           GFS

We want to move this to two SANs (HP MSA1000) on two different
locations AND to allow access to files of the SAN to other servers
linked to the SAN :

On SAN 1 :
- node1 (lun1)
- node3 (lun1)
- node4 (lun1)

ON SAN 2 :
- node2 (lun2)
- node5 (lun2)

Actually we wan to synchronize two luns (lun1 & lun2, on different locations).

Is this possible with DRBD ?


Mathieu PARENT

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