[DRBD-user] irc channel?

Benjamin Zachary ben at levelfive.us
Thu Nov 15 18:10:09 CET 2007

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Is there an irc channel for drbd? I hate asking so many questions as we are
trying to figure out the best way we can utilize drbd in our organization
above and beyond the reading material Im able to find.  What about
increasing the buffer with additional ram or the max-buffers option in
drbd.conf so I can work with smaller wan pipes where the traffic may need to
fall behind say 50 or 100 mb?


I saw mention of drbd-proxy, is there more info I can find? Maybe we will
wait until this comes a little further to work into our solution. Currently
we use a windows based software solution which has been working up to this
point, but would like to use something a lot more flexible. 


I think I found my issue with protocol A being stalled during testing. I had
snd-buffer 512k which I saw several people mention they were using with A.
Since Im on the LAN and just testing the different scenarios this looked
like it was creating an issue, stalling out the drbd driver, even though
there was plenty of bandwidth (100mb) between the two nodes.



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