[DRBD-user] Following Up

Benjamin Zachary ben at levelfive.us
Wed Nov 14 08:50:29 CET 2007

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Well ive been playing with the product for a few weeks and it works  great
on the LAN.  I tried setting virtual boundaries and lowering the speed to
100k and setting Protocol to A and I was wondering how far can one device
'fall behind' before it may lose the ability to sync. 


For example, Im maintaining a 2TB device but have my drbd on the WAN link
which is 3Meg pipe (2 bonded T1s) obviously the data will never be able to
keep up with the writes during the day but at night when the business slows
to a crawl I should be able to 'catch up' as long as the system doesn't lose
track of where it is. 


I was trying to look at the conf and a few other things seeing if there was
a way to manage that (including how to tell if the buffer is near being full
etc) or at least see it. 




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