[DRBD-user] trying to use the block-drbd script for xen backend

Tom Georgoulias tomg at mcclatchyinteractive.com
Thu Nov 8 16:06:25 CET 2007

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Florian Haas wrote:

> OK, note you invoked your Xen domU in two very different ways during and after 
> installation.

> On installation, you explicitly told Xen to use a specific kernel and initrd. 
> When you do that, the block-drbd script is invoked correctly and the DRBD 
> resource is properly added to the domU.
> However, after installation, you are attempting to boot with the pygrub 
> bootloader. Aye, there's the rub: pygrub appears to only support block 
> devices and file-backed VBDs. 

That's the missing link for me--I did not know that.  I knew that I 
needed kernel and  initrd images when doing the initial install but 
thought I could use the newly installed bits when starting up after the 

> Hope this helps,

Very much so.  Thank you for the insight, now I know where to focus my 


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