[DRBD-user] 2.6.24-rc1 oops

Leroy van Logchem leroy.vanlogchem at wldelft.nl
Wed Nov 7 16:26:06 CET 2007

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Matteo wrote:
> Hi Lars and thank for your quick answer, i had a little look at the kernel
> Changelog and i saw they changed sg_set_page, suggestin use of
> sg_assign_page.I went to drbd/drbd_worker.c changin sg_set_page to sg_assign_page and it
> compiles without problems. So i solved the oops usin the rc2...
> BUT, even switching to new kernel my problems remains the same...
> I have tested latest drbd/kernel with CORE2/QUAD processors and i'm in deep
> troubles, syncer get stuck at 20mb/s with incredible high await/iowait times:
You might want to instrument the kernel and use oprofile.

URL         : http://oprofile.sf.net
Summary     : System wide profiler
Description :
Profiling runs transparently during the background, and profile data
can be collected at any time. oprofile makes use of the hardware performance
counters provided on Intel P6, and AMD Athlon family processors, and can use
the RTC for profiling on other x86 processor types.

Enable both Kernel profiling and debugging support. Oprofile needs the 
uncompressed vmlinux.

I don't know your distro but you can find some setup/use tips at:

Compare short benchmarks with cold caches using the P4 vs CORE2 with the
same kernel setup. Include /bin/sync after the benchmark.

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