[DRBD-user] trying to use the block-drbd script for xen backend

Florian Haas florian.haas at linbit.com
Tue Nov 6 22:06:05 CET 2007

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> I am trying to setup a DRBD backend for a Xen virtual machine (VM) using
> the "block-drbd" script included in the 8.0.6 release, but find that my
> drbd device is moved to a secondary state on both servers after I finish
> the initial OS install of the VM on the drbd device.  

The fact that the device becomes Secondary after shutting down your domU is by 
design. Since a domU installation process normally shuts down your 
freshly-installed domU before firing it up again immediately afterwards, it 
is normal to see a couple of DRBD state transitions in the process.

> As a result, I 
> cannot startup the VM after the OS install and instead see this error:
> [root at radm012d xen]# xm create rusr007d -c
> Using config file "./rusr007d".
> No handlers could be found for logger "xend"
> Error: Disk isn't accessible

I am surmising that the "Disk isn't accessible" message comes from your pygrub 
bootloader, not xend itself. Can you post your full Xen domU config for our 


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