[DRBD-user] Just restarting secondary causes split brain, can someone expain why please?

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Wed Mar 7 00:36:28 CET 2007

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/ 2007-03-05 17:37:33 -0500
\ David:
> So just starting drbd on hydrogen causes a split brain and oxygen, now the primary, to go into a standalone 
> state.  Why is that?  The file system is mounted as a read only file system so no changes should be taking 
> place. This is not a primary/primary setup so there is only one "active" node at a time. I was under the 
> impression that the rebooting node, hydrogen, should see that it is out of date and become secondary, resync 
> itself with the primary and stay in the secondary state until that is changed?  Am I wrong?
> Both systems are identical:
> SLES 10
> kernel
> drbd 8.0.1 compiled from source

I suspect that your reboot does disconnect the network,
before it switches the drbd to secondary.
so it would go
-> Primary/Unknown
-> Secondary/Unknown
-> Unconfigured.

if so, the logs should tell you so.
to fix it: get your stop scripts in the right order.

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