[DRBD-user] drbd two nodes.iscsi-target two nodesiscsi-target failover not working

Anuj Singh anujhere at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 10:10:37 CEST 2007

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I created two iscsi targte machines and installed  drbd-8.0.3  on two
different machines with redhat enterprise 4.
created drbd meta disk on both drbd nodes for iscsi
If i am stopping iscsi-target service of one target machine my both
nodes with drbd are stopping.
how to make it that if one iscsi-target machine is down then other
drbd machine can work without interruption, to which i have already
alloted a different storahe.
My drbd.conf:
global {age-count yes; }
       common { syncer { rate 10M; } }
       resource r0 {
            protocol C;
            startup { wfc-timeout 20; degr-wfc-timeout 120; }
            net {
                 cram-hmac-alg sha1;
                 shared-secret "prolog";

            on pr0021.prolo.com {
                 device    /dev/drbd1;
                 disk      /dev/sda;
                 meta-disk  internal;
            on pr0005.prolo.com {
                 device    /dev/drbd1;
                 disk      /dev/sda;
                 meta-disk  internal;
In the above configuration file /dev/sda are my iscsi-target's device.
if both iscsi-target machines (SAN) are up it is working smoothly, if
one SAN-iscsi-target machine goes down then other drbd machine also
getting down.

thanks and regards
anugunj "anuj singh"

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