[DRBD-user] restart of one node refusing to update , gfs , drbd-8.0.3

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Wed Jun 20 08:07:47 CEST 2007

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I am using

I am using drbd-8.0.3 version on redhat enterprise 4 linux.
my drdb.conf

global { usage-count yes; }
      common { syncer { rate 10M; } }
      resource r0 {
           protocol C;

       startup { wfc-timeout 12; degr-wfc-timeout 120; }
           net {
                cram-hmac-alg sha1;
                shared-secret "prolog";

           on pr009.prolo.com {
                device    /dev/drbd1;
                disk      /dev/hdb10;
                meta-disk  internal;
           on pr0005.prolo.com {
                device    /dev/drbd1;
                disk      /dev/hda6;
                meta-disk  internal;

As a testing purpose I did a restart to pr009.prolo.com machine, it is
giving me error,

/etc/ha.d/resource.d/drbddisk r0 start
giving me this error.

drbd1: State change failed: Refusing to be Primary without at least one
UpToDate disk
drbd1:   state = { cs:WFConnection st:Secondary/Unknown
ds:Inconsistent/DUnknown r--- }
drbd1:  wanted = { cs:WFConnection st:Primary/Unknown
ds:Inconsistent/DUnknown r--- }
State change failed: (-2) Refusing to be Primary without at least one
UpToDate disk
Command 'drbdsetup /dev/drbd1 primary' terminated with exit code 11
drbdsetup exited with code 11

1.Am i missing something in my drbd.conf? 
2. If one node goes down can I run a custom system command threw
drdb.conf, like system reboot, alert mail ?
3. Do I have to always make primary if some node restarts? 
4. From where can I set sync time properties
I use this command.
drbdadm primary all

thanks and regards
anugunj anuj singh
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