[DRBD-user] Effectuation of drbd.conf change

Jérôme Augé jerome.auge at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 09:08:08 CEST 2007

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2007/6/20, N.J. van der Horn (Nico) <nico at vanderhorn.nl>:
> Greetings all !
> At what moment(s) is the config-file re-read ?
> I have experienced that "drbdadm syncer <resource>" effectuates a
> change in e.g. "rate <speed>" immediately.
> Is there a way to influent the moment of re-reading the config-file
> after a change ?

You can re-configure drbd with `drbdadm adjust <all|resource>'.

Extract from the drbdadm man page:
« adjust
Synchronizes the configuration of device with your configuration file. You
should always examine
the output of the dry-run mode before actually executing this command. »

Jérôme Augé
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