[DRBD-user] drbd0: BUG! md_sync_timer expired! Worker calls drbd_md_sync().

H.D. devnull at deleted.on.request
Tue Jun 19 13:55:57 CEST 2007

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I can't get the two boxes in sync again. It just crashed at 15% of the 
sync this time.

Where crash is a hardlock. IPMI remote management just shows a stale 
root console. No messages nowhere :/

But I think you are right, the bonded interface seems to have a problem. 
It disabled/re-enabled itself a few times during the sync. At least the 
log of the primary seems to tell that.

Can this be the cause of a too high syncer rate? Is it enough to reduce 
the syncer rate at the secondary, so I can set it lower without a 
restart of the primary?


> After an `drbdadm invalidate all' on the secondary, I got that line in 
>> the logs of the primary. Short after that the secondary machine crashed. 
>> It was at 3-4% of the resync.
>> I don't know `how' it crashed, it just showed a black screen and was 
>> completely hung.
>> Thanks for a reply.


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