[DRBD-user] primary/primary ocfs2/gfs

Magnus Appelquist magnus at appelquist.name
Wed Jun 13 12:53:04 CEST 2007

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Hello list,

I've been using DRBD as primary/secondary for a long time without any

I now want to go further by using primary/primary and OCFS2 or GFS. I've
followed the list for a while but I'm still not sure about:

Does primary/primary (with DRBD 0.8) work stable with OCFS2/GFS?
Which filesystem is to prefer; OSEFS2 or GFS?

My systems are located at different sites and communicates through a VPN
on the Internet. Today the DRBD partition is a XEN partition, which
makes it possible to fire up the exact same virtual machine on either
site (except for /tmp and /var/log which are not mirrored). I understand
that it's impossible to run two virtual machines on different sites at
the same time from the same storage, but just to mount the DRBD
partition r/w on the site not running XEN would be great from a backup


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