[DRBD-user] determine host aliveness on disconnect

Joost van den Broek joost at seat-ibiza.nl
Sat Jun 9 19:59:08 CEST 2007

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I'm currently building a system with two primary nodes with ocfs2 on top
of drbd. These two nodes are going to sync with each other through a
dedicated cable, connected to eth1 on both sides. Since they will be
both running primary, and being part of a load-balancing cluster, I was
wondering how to determine if some host has really died on disconnect.
E.g. the cable on eth1 gets disconnected, both hosts will still be
available through eth0, thus load-balancing continues to happen. Of
course, this is very bad behaviour and both hosts will get almost
inconsistent data immediately.

I would think that there should be some ping check through the other
interface to ensure the other host has died completely, and if it's
still reachable, one host should get the inconsistent status (or even
panic). Or are there other ways to do what I want?



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