[DRBD-user] primary / primary as shared storage

Chris Harms chris at cmiware.com
Mon Jul 23 18:28:51 CEST 2007

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Hi all,

DRBD appears to be my last resort for salvaging a 2-node Red Hat Cluster 
installation.  I need to setup a quorum disk to which both nodes need to 
have read / write access.  Having not a SAN or a 3rd machine to devote 
to the process presently, I am hopeful that DRBD can function in this 
fashion.  Both nodes will need to make the partition primary and write 
to it.  The cluster accesses the device directly, i.e. I point it to 
/dev/drbd2.  Preliminary results show it could work, but minimalistic 
startup procedures seem to put it into a split-brain state. 

[From the qdisk manpage]

    This quorum daemon requires a shared block device with concurrent 
read/write access from all nodes in the
    cluster.  The shared block device can be a multi-port SCSI RAID 
array, a Fiber-Channel RAID SAN, a RAIDed
    iSCSI target, or even GNBD.  The quorum daemon uses O_DIRECT to 
write to the device.

Will some more advanced init scripts make this workable and stable, or 
is this a fool's errand?


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