[DRBD-user] 'drbdadm connect' panic?

Alex Dean alex at crackpot.org
Fri Jul 20 02:15:18 CEST 2007

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Lars Ellenberg wrote:

> ok...
>  interrupted during initial handshake, then
>  NULL pointer dereference in force_sig_info...
> this appears to be because of a race-condition bug I remember vaguely.
> I'm not sure exactly which changelog item of which 0.7.x this corresponds to,
> but it should be fixed in the newest 0.7.

Lars : Thank you for the help.  We've scheduled an upgrade to the latest 
0.7 drbd.

After that, the correct proceedure to re-connect 2 nodes is to run 
'drbadm connect' on both, right?  (I think so, but the panic we saw make 
me doubt myself.)


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