[DRBD-user] GigE vs Bonded NICs

Mike Tewner tewner at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 13:09:12 CEST 2007

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How much performance difference do you think it will make going from 1Gbit
to 2Gbit? Will the disks keep up with the 2Gbit?

On 7/3/07, CA Lists <lists at creativeanvil.com> wrote:
>  I have 2 storage servers that use DRBD to sync the disks, with an
> additional 2 servers that connect via iSCSI and mount an OCFS2 partition.
> All 4 servers have dual gigabit network cards. Currently, I have the 2
> storage servers connected via a cat6 crossover cable for DRBD - this is on a
> private network. The other 2 servers connect to the storage server through a
> gigabit switch. Someone recommended bonding all of the nics on each server
> and the ports on the switch and running everything over the same network at
> 2Gbps, rather than 1. My thought was that this may degrade the reliability
> of DRBD by it not having its own private communication channel. Am I
> correct? Or is bonding everything together so that it all can run at 2Gbps a
> good idea?
> Thanks!
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