[DRBD-user] drbd not syncing

James Wilson jwilson at transolutions.net
Wed Jul 4 03:15:53 CEST 2007

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Ok, I have a 3 node cluster. 2 of the servers in the cluster are for 
drbd and gnbd exporting the other is for importing the gnbd devices. 
DRBD currently says that the servers are synced. This is what I have 
done to test it. I exported a gnbd device from server1 and imported that 
device on server3 I was able to start my xen host up and created a new 
directory with a file called test. So I shut my xen host down removed 
the imported gnbd device. Then I imported the same gnbd device but this 
time from the mirrored server2 start up my xen host log in and the new 
directory and file are not there. Am I doing something wrong? can drbd 
be used this way? The idea is to have a another place to pull my gnbds 
from with updated data incase of a server outage. Thanks in advance for 
any help on this issue. Also here is the order I installed everything.

1. created partitions
2. used drbd to sync
3. exported gnbd device
4. installed xen domU(had to install on both server1 and server2 because 
the changes didn't go over to mirrored server2)

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