[DRBD-user] after drbd is up

James Wilson jwilson at transolutions.net
Mon Jul 2 18:27:55 CEST 2007

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Hey All,

    Just wondering if someone could shed some light on my situation? I 
currently have one cluster with 3 servers in it and I want to use drbd 
between 2 of them. But instead of using heart beat I want to use the 
failover option in cluster suite 5. This is what I have so far. My 
question is once I have drbd up what do I do next? My next question is 
will this work or do I have to have HeartBeat?

1. Cluster is up and operating fine.
2. rgmanager is up and monitoring the services
3. clvmd is running
4. gnbd_export is running on the 2 nodes using drbd and gnbd_import is 
running on the other and is point to the vip of the 2 drbd nodes.
5. I have a 10g test partition created on both of the drbd hosts.
6. drbd is running on 2 of the nodes, meaning I have successfully issued 
the drbdadm up all command with no errors.

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